In this Bit Life tutorial, you’ll learn how to appeal or escape from prison and avoid penalties. Beat Life is a life simulator that lets you control the destiny of others from start to finish. It’s a mobile game that aims to recreate every aspect of real life. From tons of jobs to various cars and houses for purchase, in fact, partnering with Bit Life Mafia often puts you in jail. Fortunately, our handy guide explains how to live your life as a notorious Bit Life gangster. You can even purchase Bit Life God mode to make your life easier.

Escape from prison type:

All Bit Life actions are displayed in different ways. and in the case of appyeet It’s a puzzle game like Pac-man. The idea is to skip the police. Hide where you are going and go to the other side of the map without getting caught. The problem is the police move faster than you. The police will perform two steps for every step you take. Therefore, getting rid of feet isn’t as easy as you think.
All you have to do is drag the cops to the corners of the map. where they can move freely and take advantage of your speed. According to the table, you can see the corridors represented by black lines. Some of these can turn into dead ends, or at least redirect the police to a very narrow path to go quickly. You have to catch him in the path and change the path to cross it. Remove it.
Unfortunately, the prison maps are different. So this is a trial and error process.
It’s a unique job and it’s important to plan every move we make. Especially if our opponent makes two moves and we only do it once. In this sense, we should use it as a tactic to escape from the guards that stand in our way. Fortunately, the wall serves as a labyrinth. In this sense, guards can be placed in restricted areas that allow escape. Three days later we saw a box next to the prison where we could close it.
In this sense, knowing how to escape from prison in bit life leads to a map there is no way the guards can come out during applet. We, therefore, add four more years to the penalties that may be imposed on Bit Life, which gives us even more to expect.

How to go to jail with Bit Life?

As you expected If you commit enough crimes to attract the attention of law enforcement. From stealing your neighbor’s luggage to trying to rob a bank with a weapon, you could be jailed for Bit Life. It could be a small matter. when you commit a crime You can be caught as soon as it happens. if this happens You have many options: flee, bribe police officers, disrespect, silent leave, etc. It is highly unlikely that you will leave. But if you have a lot of money in your bank and you don’t want to lose it in court. This is your only option, however, keep in mind that if you are unsuccessful in your attempt to bribe or hide from the police. You will be prosecuted in additional courts.
Yes, after being arrested The next step is to appear before the judge. You will be informed about the costs you are facing and the length of incarceration thereafter. From there, you can rent one of three law firms of different prices and quality.
Once you have chosen a legal representative It’s time to protect yourself. If you plead guilty or don’t play You could be jailed It depends on the quality of the lawyer. Choosing innocence can lead to innocence. Expensive lawyers have more chances to escape from them with immunity.
If convicted You will be informed which prison you will be in and how long you will be there. From there, what you can do in your cell is extremely limited. you can write a letter Join the gangsters and cry. But if you get caught Other tasks and mechanisms yours will be greatly reduced.

Description of Bit Life Prison Riot:

Part of the Bit Life prison escape was not directly related to the prison riots. Basically, you’re less likely to escape during a riot. But there is little benefit from a riot, so you can think about Bit Life’s appeal process. Here are the steps:
While in jail, go to the menu and select Funky.
Then swipe to play snake mini-game making a group of prisoners ready for the riot. You have to reach 10 and slide the guards and walls to escape before the riot begins.
The uprising began with 10 prisoners. A confrontation took place between the deacon and the prisoner. People on both sides of the war often die.
If you are lucky, you will be jailed, otherwise, it can be extended.
That’s all you need to know about Bit Life’s jail-breaking process. We’ve seen practical advice on how to escape from prison. and how to avoid surveillance during riots Congratulations on trying to escape from Bit Life executives.
So how do you appyeet via Bit Life?
You have to be in jail to escape from prison. Create a crime in the Activities tab. If you continue your criminal activity you will be jailed when in prison Play mini-games and escape from prison. You have to lure the police where you cannot follow. Try to betray him in corridors and rooms marked with black lines on the grid. Remember, it doesn’t look diagonal.


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