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Demon Slayer is a Japanese anime launched on several online video streaming Platforms. The anime is a hit in the United States and other parts of the world. The unrated violence in the anime series is ruthless. One can see the tension rising in the anime series. The story of this Japanese anime is very touching, and people connect with it. The popularity of Demon Slayer is increasing online, and people are highly anticipating its next part. Demon Slayer streaming online, and you can watch it on different sites.

This article will give you a brief detail about the anime and its story. A brief overview of the plot of this anime will also be discussed. Several streaming platforms will also be shared that are streaming this fantastic anime. So, read till the end if you want to know more about this anime series.


Demon Slayer is a fantastic Japanese series released in America before COVID-19. During the COVID situation, anime became popular throughout the country, and among those anime was the Demon slayer. Demon slayer is an anime series that is full of violence and bloodshed. It is about monsters, and everyone knows it becomes violent when monsters appear. So, this anime is full of action and fighting, and you will love it.

The anime is a beautiful message in it. It highlights the importance of loved ones and courage. It shows how a small child can achieve big things. The plot of the story is full of twists and turns. People get involved with the story. Emotions can make you cry, and silly acts can make you laugh. So, overall, it’s a fantastic anime.

The plot of Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer is about demons and monsters. The story starts with a young boy who sells charcoal to support his family. This fantasy action anime talks about the story of a young boy who kills demons to avenge his family. So, the young boy has to go through difficulties to complete his mission. Tanjiro is a young boy who sells charcoal in the market to support his family after his father’s death. The boy is young and very hard-working.

The story takes a turn when the boy’s family dies at the hand of a demon. The demon attacks his family and kills his mother. The demon curses his sister and turns her into a monster. The sister of the boy also becomes a demon and starts eating people. Tanjiro is the only person left to save his sister, so he trains with Sakonji Urokidaki and learns Kung-Fu. He learns fighting techniques from his master to fight the demons.

The boy then goes on a journey to find the demon and kill him because killing the monster is the only way to save his sister. So, the boy takes on an arduous journey and kills the monster. The anime shows his struggles and his dedication to saving his family. Watch Demon Slayer streaming online to enjoy the full story of Tanjiro.

What’s Good in the Anime?

Demon Slayer is a fantastic series, and one can know this by seeing its popularity. The anime is a cult classic, and it has the bloodshed and the traditional emotions of anime. The story takes the viewers on a fantasy journey full of ups and downs. Storytelling in this fantastic anime series is the best thing about it. The character development of Tanjiro, the protagonist, is one of the best in all the anime series.

The story is set in a fantasy world where humans live with demons. The sketch of the world is also pretty nice. The anime shows the fake world with such beauty that people can believe it for a second. It is a fantastic series, and you will know it once you watch it.

Is this Anime for Children?

Demon Slayer is streaming on online platforms, but it is not advised for children below 14. The anime has a lot of bloodsheds, and only kids above 16 can watch it alone. So, kids under 16 should watch it with their parents.

Online Streaming Platforms

Demon Slayer streaming platforms are different, some allow free streaming and some charge for it. The following online video streaming platforms allow you to watch this fantastic Japanese anime series.


Netflix is the most popular video streaming platform in the world. It has thousands of movies and videos that you can watch online. Netflix is a premium streaming website, so you will have to pay to watch videos on it. Demon Slayer is available on Netflix, and you can watch it there online.


HULU is also an excellent online video-streaming website. The app is also available for mobile phones. Demon slayer is available on HULU for streaming, so you can watch it on any device you want. Just subscribe to the Website and start watching your favorite anime.

Starz Play

Starz Play is another online video streaming website. The Website is not as popular as the above two websites, but it’s a good one. You can watch series and movies in HD on this Website. Demon Slayer is also available on this Website, and you can watch it after you buy the subscription to the Website.

Just Watch

Just watch is an online platform for video streaming. The Website has tons of movies and series, so you can watch them online after subscribing to the Website. The Website also has Demon Slayer for its premium users to enjoy.


Demon slayer is available on the Crunchyroll website. It’s an online movie streaming website, and you can watch your favorite movies in HD. So, all you need to do is subscribe to the Website, and you will have access to hundreds of movies and series.


Demon Slayer is a fantastic Japanese anime series. The article tells you about the Demon Slayer streaming platform so that you can watch the anime series there. It’s a fantastic series, and you will love it. Due to high bloodshed children below 16 should watch it with their parents. So, subscribe to any of these platforms and enjoy

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