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Workers Compensation Attorney Chicago, we are here to protect you. There are many things to consider. This is why at Vasilatos Injury Law. Our attorneys are determined to fight for our clients with workers’ compensation so that they can be back to their lives in the shortest time possible. If you have been injured or suffered an accident on the job and need to claim workers it is typically what you are required to do to cover your medical bills and medical expenses. Illinois has a “no-fault” system for workers’ compensation. We know that you will have lots of concerns regarding your situation. We’ll do what we can to provide answers. As skilled workers’ compensation lawyers, we have the experience you need to find the core of your claim and settle it.

What is Workers Compensation Attorney Chicago

Workers’ Compensation is designed to safeguard employees if they are injured or have an accident while on their job. This kind of insurance for businesses aids in the payment of medical costs as well as wages for time lost working and others. The details of workers’ compensation vary depending on the state where it takes place.

In addition to being beneficial to Workers’ Compensation in Chicago and valuable for employees, it is also helpful for employers. The cost of workers’ compensation can be a significant problem for businesses when they’re not adequately prepared.

Top Professional, Skilled Workers Compensation Attorney Chicago

If you fall and slip or get injured on machinery or have another workplace-related incident, there’s a good chance you’re concerned about many different issues. For example,

ā— the day you’ll be able to return to work.

ā— how you’ll provide for yourself and your family by working.

ā— the amount you will be able to claim on a worker”compensation claim.

ā— If you’ll receive money to cover your medical bills.

In Vasilatos Injury Law, we frequently represent clients who suffered an injury at work, and we know that it could have a significant impact on your job.

How Does Workers Compensation Attorney Chicago

Suppose an employee is sick or injured during work Workers’ compensation can be an insurance policy that assists in paying for an employee’s medical costs and rehabilitation expenses. However, the details vary based on where they are located.

They should report it as soon as possible to their employers. The speed of reporting is a crucial factor to take into consideration since there are also statutes of limitations for each state. The insurance company officially accepts the claim, the employee will receive benefits.

Benefits of Workers Compensation Attorney Chicago

There are various Illinois worker’s compensation insurance benefits for a work-related injury that could be covered by the severity of injuries. the amount of time you’ll be required to miss work.

1: Medical Care

By law, workers have the right to receive reimbursement for medical expenses and also treatment. This can also include a refund in the form of the following:

ā— Emergency room care.

ā— Diagnostic tests.

ā— A visit to a doctor or an expert.

ā— Physical therapy.

ā— Assistive medical devices.

ā— Medical costs out-of-pocket.

2: Replacement Income

Furthermore, it is also the case that the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act also provides temporary disability (TTD) benefits that are equal to 2/3 (66 per cent) of your income per week. This is a crucial benefit when an injury puts you in a position of being unable to work.

3: Permanent Disability

You might be able to claim benefits under permanently partial disabilities (PPD) as well as permanent total disability (PTD). According to the Illinois Workers Compensation Commission.

These benefits, as outlined by The Illinois Workers Compensation Commission, could be significant to an injured person who suffers a permanent impairment that also stops them from working. They used to or even in any way.

4: Death benefits

Illinois Workers Compensation Attorney Chicago also aims to assist families of employees killed in the line of duty. The spouse and children as well as any other dependents are eligible for benefits that will help pay funeral expenses and also offset the long-term effects of the loss of their loved ones’ income.

Why Do People Choose Our Workers Compensation Attorney Chicago

The workers’ compensation claims process can be a bit complicated. When you call I Am Calling My Lawyer, we assist clients in understanding the process to maximize their financial assistance. If you connect to I Am Calling My Lawyer’s Schaumburg office. You’ll be able to talk directly with an experienced local workers’ compensation lawyer who can:

ā— Ask questions, and describe the process during a complimentary consultation

ā— Take the necessary documents, records, and evidence that you require to make also progress

ā— Handle workers’ comp paperwork

ā— Do everything you can to safeguard your rights

With a track success rate of achieving success on behalf of workers injured With a track record of obtaining successful results for injured workers,

What if my claim for workers’ compensation is rejected?

If your employer and the insurance company refuse to cover your claim. You can submit a claim to the Illinois Workers Compensation Commission. There is a limit on time, however. Laws governing worker’s compensation limit the length of time that you or your dependents have to file a claim. In Illinois, the deadline is three years from the date of the injury.

If you are claiming for a disease related to work, the time limit starts. When you discover that you are suffering from the disease or the date of your last exposure. Call Friend, Levinson, and Turner now to find an attorney for workers’ compensation in your Chicago area workplace injury. Our experienced firm is ready to answer any questions. You may have and provide options for hiring an attorney for workers’ compensation in Illinois.


Whether to employ an attorney for workers’ compensation is based on many aspects. With most lawyers operating hourly. It will not cost anything to talk to one of them to determine. Where you stand and what your claim is worth.

FAQS Workers Compensation Attorney Chicago

What should I do if I experience a workplace injury?

It is also essential to inform your employer as soon as you can that you require medical treatment. An experienced injury lawyer in Chicago who specializes in the field of workers’ compensation law can also assist. You understand the procedure as well as your legal rights within Illinois and also file your claim.

Who is eligible for workers’ compensation?

To be admissible to workers’ compensation benefits, the employee must be injured while performing their duties. The injury has to be severe enough to stop the worker from working.


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