What is Appyeet?What is Appyeet?


Appyeet is a simple tool for managing your app and API Keys. It helps you to keep track of your app keys, manage them in bulk and generate new ones on the go. Appyeet is a social network that allows you to build and manage your private network of friends, family, and colleagues. The app gives you control over the people that are in your network. You can add or eliminate contacts whenever. You can also invite or block new members as well as remove any contact that you deem inappropriate.

Features of Appyeet

Appyeet has more features than most other social networks. It supports photo tagging, private messages, and group messaging.

  • Generate API keys for iOS, Android & Web Apps
  • Manage multiple app keys in a single account.
  • Import API keys from any online service.
  • Bulk creates app keys for multiple apps.
  • Manage all your app keys in a single place.
  • Easy to use and understand interface.
  • Use any language.

How to use Appyeet

Just sign up or log in to Appyeet, from your dashboard click β€œCreate” and fill out the form. You can choose to add a single app or multiple apps. Choose the package you want and then select the package type (iOS, Android or Web) and you are ready to go.

How to Generate API Keys on Appyeet?

Appyeet is an online tool that helps you to manage and generate your app keys. All your app keys will be stored in your account, which makes it easy to access anytime and anywhere. The generated keys will be in the format of:

  • keystore
  • jks
  • p12

Where KEYNAME is your app name, and. Keystore,.jks &.p12 are your respective encryption files. You can generate the key files using the Appyeet Key Generator Tool. Appyeet has been made in such a way that you don’t need to worry about importing keys from different sources, as the keys will be stored directly on Appyeet.

Steps to Create API Keys

If you are using more than one device, you can use the same API key on multiple devices. Once you have created the key, you can use it in any project, you can delete it whenever you want.

To create API keys for iOS apps, Android apps, or Web apps, follow the below steps:

  • Select the type of app: iOS apps, Android apps, or Web apps
  • Choose the package for which you want to create keys.
  • Click on “Make” and finish up the structure.
  • Pick the number of keys you need to make.

Once the keys are generated, you will be redirected to the dashboard. From the dashboard, click on β€œManage Keys” and you will see all your keys. You can tap on the “Make” button to make new keys.

How to Use API Keys?

Once you have generated the API keys, you can use them in any project. You can use the API keys to authenticate your users. You can use the API keys to connect your users to your backend.

How to Import API Keys on Appyeet?

Assuming that you have various keys for the equivalent application, you can import them in mass. Once you have generated the keys, you can click on β€œImport” and select the file that you want to import. Once you have imported the keys, you can access them from the β€œAll API Keys” page.

Contacts on Appyeet

Appyeet has a very unique and simple user interface. The main page of Appyeet has three buttons on it – Contacts, Profile & Settings. On the main page, you can see who is connected to you and there is a small circle next to the person’s name. If you click on the person’s name a drop-down menu will appear where you can add, remove or update your contact.


Appyeet has a profile page that shows you information about yourself. You can add and alter all of your data here and can add a concise depiction of yourself and your occupation as well as transfer a photograph of yourself. You can also add links to your Facebook profile, Twitter account, LinkedIn profile, and other social media accounts that you have.


Appyeet has a settings tab where you can change your protection choices. You can choose to show or hide your location, block people and groups, manage your notifications and set up a PIN for security.


Appyeet permits you to make arrangements for individuals that you need to stay in contact with. This is a great way to stay in touch with people that you know but don’t want to follow on every social network that they use.

You can invite any of the people on your friend list to be part of your network. Once they are added to your network, you can chat with them, send messages, share photos and videos and have a discussion.

Why should you use Appyeet?

Surprisingly, Appyeet is also a great place to find places to drink and party. You can likewise utilize Appyeet to interface with individuals who have comparative interests as you. You can share your favorite places to eat, drink, party, or anything else with people that you know and that will help you make new friends.

When you’re traveling for work, going out with friends, or simply hanging out with your friends, you don’t always have time to go through the effort of making reservations and booking tables. Appyeet makes it easy for you to find the best places to eat in Toronto with ratings and reviews from other users. Whether you’re looking for fast food, street food, restaurants, or anything in between, Appyeet has it all.


Appyeet is a great app to use if you want to meet new people and make new friends. You can utilize Appyeet to befriend individuals that you know, or individuals that you don’t have any idea about. Also, you can use Appyeet to find a place to eat, drink, party, or do anything else that you want. You can also use Appyeet to find your next vacation spot or the best place to visit in your city. Appyeet is a free app that is available for iOS and Android. You can download the Appyeet application from the App Store and the Google Play Store.

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