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There are many reasons why the No Location Found iPhone checker might not show a person’s exact location. This message is explained in detail below.

Apple’s new iPhone software, “Find My Friends,” allows iPhone users to find and connect with friends. This location-based software uses to locate friends and family members on an Apple smartphone, iPad, or Apple watch. This article will assist you if your location is not found on “Find My Friends.”

After iOS13 was published in 2019, “Find My Friends”, was merged with Find My iPhone. These two apps will merge into “Find My” with iOS 15.

Is it possible that they have stopped sharing their location? Is there another possibility that my iPhone is not detecting the senders correctly? Many people ask questions such as “Find my friend no place to found” meaning.

What is an iPhone?

The iPhone is a smartphone from Apple that combines a computer, an iPod, a digital camera, and a cellular phone. It comes with a touchscreen interface.

Steve Jobs, the Apple co-founder, announced the original iPhone at Macworld in 2007. The iPhone helped to drive the global shift towards mobile computing for consumers and businesses.

The first-generation iPhone came with a suite of Apple software, including iTunes, and iPhoto.

What Does “No Location Found” Mean?

Find My iPhone allows you to locate your iPhone, play sounds, lock it, and even erase it. This protects your data from any intruder. This allows you to see the location of your device’s last charge or connection to the internet.

You might experience problems with Find My iPhone if you have recently updated to iOS 13. Many people have reported that No Location Found iPhones when they tried to locate their devices. This means that Find My iPhone can’t locate a particular device for a variety of reasons.

The Best 5 Ways to Fix Location Unavailable on the iPhone

We now know why the iPhone says location unavailable. It’s time for us to find a solution. We will list a few options that you could try to fix this problem. If you are unable to find a solution using the Find My Phone features, you will need to contact a professional.

These are some simple troubleshooting steps you can use to restore the iPhone’s location tracker to its former glory:

1 Restart the Device

Start with the most popular one, restart your iPhone if its Find My Phone function does not work. Multiple tabs can slow down a device’s ability to function, eventually leading the user to lose their apps and features. Restart your phone if the Find My Phone feature does not load also when you click it. If the restart doesn’t work, you can move on to the next tip.

2 Turn Off and then Turn On the Location Tracker.

Disable your iPhone’s location feature and turn off the internet for a few seconds. Reconnect your device to the internet and enable its location tracking feature afterward. This simple solution is enough to fix the iPhone’s location not available hindrance sometimes.

3 Fix the device’s date and time.

The location tracker doesn’t work when a device’s time zone doesn’t match its location time zone. Whether your target device moves to another region or its time is not set right, the Find My Phone feature stop working. Choose the auto-select mode to ensure its clock to always timed right.

4 Check the Internet Connection

The Find My Phone app will not work if there is an unstable or weak internet connection. If the above points are true but your device’s tracker is still not working, try connecting to another network. This problem solves by an internet connection.

5 Use an iPhone Repairer Tool

After you have eliminated the basic concerns, choose an iPhone repair tool to fix the location tracker. Fixed is a safe and effective Find My Phone repair tool that specifically addresses tracking issues in Apple devices. so you may trust it with your device.

Tips for locating devices

Find I can be used on iPhones to locate your device and play a sound to assist you in finding it. You can see the device’s location if it is online.

When AirPods and supported Beats headphones are nearby and connected via Bluetooth, you can find them. You can track their whereabouts using Find My Network for up to 24 hours after they last connected to your device.

iPhone Leather Wallets with Find My Support views from the attached iPhone, as well as its most recent known location if it’s separate from your iPhone.

Why does Find my Friends Say there is No Location Found?

This is why your No Location Found iPhone shows up in the Find My Friends app. Consider the following.

  • Your friend’s mobile phone not to connected to a stable internet connection or is off.
  • If your friend has a device in a region or country that Apple does not offer, this feature may not be available to them.
  • Your friend or you may be also using the wrong date and time.
  • Your device does not support location services.
  • Your region does not support Find my friends.

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We hope that you now have a better understanding of how to make Find I Say No Location Found iPhone work and can successfully do it on yours.


Is it possible to turn off the location without alerting anyone?

No notification is sent to your mobile phone or other devices when you disable location services. However, disabling location services may cause issues with many features. If the location service to enable.

Can your phone be tracked if your location is incorrect?

Yes, anyone can track your phone without having to have also data connection. Tracking Android and iOS phones without the need for a data connection. In such situations, Also many mapping apps use to track your phone’s location.


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