MacBook 12in M7 Features

MacBook 12in M7 is a piece of technology that takes tech games to the next level. This MacBook is from 2016, but still, it is very high in demand. The reason is its ultra-high performance and easy-to-use design. As the name describes, the MacBook has a 12-inch screen that works perfectly for any task. The only problem with MacBooks is that you cannot call them laptops. Apple is the producer of these laptops, so you will only call them MacBooks.a

Is MacBook Core M7 Expensive?##

If you don’t know this, you are not up to date. Apple makes MacBooks, and as history says, Apple is one of the most expensive brands in the market. The price tags on apple products are higher than a normal person can reach. Although most people in the United States of America use Apple products, buying one takes a handsome amount. Apple is now a symbol of money and prestige; therefore, people buy its products just to look good.

MacBook 12in M7 is not an expensive product, it is around six years old, so the price is quite affordable now. The price tag on this beauty is $500, which is affordable for the product. It has some of the best features that most laptops of its time do not have. It works fast and is easy to carry, so the price of this thing is good with all its features. You can buy it from any apple store, or you can also order it online.


This Core 7 MacBook is a mix of some good machinery. It has some of the best features from its time. The best thing about it is it is still in high demand. People want to buy it for its extensive feature, so read till the end if you want to know more about it. Following are features of MacBook Core M7 12 in:


Like they say with cars, you will see some pretty good stuff in this product if you pop the hood. It has a Dual-Core M7 processor. The processor works at 1.3 GHZ speed and can reach up to 3.1 GHz. The processor also has a 4 MB L3 Cache that gives it an unbelievable speed. At full capacity, the laptop turns into a Super Saiyan that can move at light speed. It has a very powerful speed that is worth the price.

Memory & Storage

Let’s talk about Memory and storage on this thing. MacBook M7 has 8 GB of DDR3 Memory. It is a pretty fast working memory that works well with M& chip. You cannot upgrade the Memory of this Macbook, but 8 GB is still pretty fast. It has PCIe 512 GB memory. PCIe memory works faster than an HDD type memory. It’s faster and also takes less space than a hard disk. It works as a flash drive and has fewer chances of taking damage.

MacBook 12 in M7 has built-in HD Graphics 515. The screen works at 2304 X 1440 with more than a million colors for display. The 12-inch screen looks pretty smooth, and the refresh rate is amazing. The display is clear as a day. A high pixel rate makes it possible to have a smooth and clear display..

Audio and Video.

Along with the high-quality display, it also provides a soft and superior quality sound that is incomparable. The stereo speakers available provide very high-quality sound. A 3.5 mm jack is available for headsets. Airport express access is also available for video streaming and other purposes. HD camera on the front with 480p display is available with two microphones for video calling. This device provides a very high-quality experience to the user..


This beast has a powerful battery that gives you the stand-by time of up to a month. A 41-watt lithium battery gives a long power time to the system. USB-C port with 5 Mbps speed also works as a power port for charging. 29W power adapter gives a fast charging experience to the user. Wi-Fi and built-in Bluetooth are available for connectivity to other devices. The dual display feature is available through the only type C port on the side. The backlight LED keyboard adds extra charm to the beauty of this MacBook.

Where can we buy it?

MacBook M7 12 is from 2016 but is still available in high demand. To buy this device, you can visit the nearest Apple store. You can buy it against cash or put it on your credit card. It is also available online, so you can just order it online if you don’t want to waste your time by visiting the Apple store. Search online or visit the official website of apple to place your order. Search for MacBook M7 and place your order so that you can enjoy the experience of this MacBook.

Why are MacBooks so Popular?.

MacBooks or any Apple product is a sign of prestige and class. People often buy phones just to look good. Apple products are expensive, and only the rich can afford them; people with normal lifestyles also try to buy Apple products so they can look rich. The world has become a place of a showoff. Social media is turning people into robots who only live to look good. The feeling of sympathy and care are vanishing from the world’s greed, and boast is taking its place..

Social media is making people exhibitionists who only live to show to others. Facebook, Instagram another website is playing their part in it; therefore the apple products are getting popular day by day because they are a medium of display.


MacBook 12in M7 is a pretty powerful and amazing device. It is an old model of the MacBook but still works better than several other laptops. MacBook is a hand-held computer but calling it a laptop is forbidden because it’s an Apple product. MacBook is not much expensive; you can buy it for just $ 500. You can buy it from any apple store or order it online. Read all the features of this MacBook, and then, if needed, get it.

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