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What is Latte Cookie?

The lovely Latte Cookie is a magic cookie that goes into the middle of the enemy team and silences their allies. Her skill deals initial damage in a large circle continues to deal damage over time, and silences enemies making her a force to be reckoned with.

Latte Cookie

Latte Cookie Skill and Gameplay

Care for a latte cookie? Invokes a latte glyph drawing in adversaries to its middle, managing DMG and hushing them.

The Glyph stays on the ground, managing DMG over the long haul and more noteworthy DMG to adversaries in its middle Glyph remains on the ground, dealing DMG over time and greater DMG to enemies in its center. Skill specs: Cooldown: DMG dealt: 60.

1. Inner Latte Glyph Damage: 140 percent

2. Outer Latte Glyph Damage: 105 percent

3. Silence Duration: Immobilize Duration:

Latte Cookie’s Skill is a crowd-control star that summons a Glyph that sucks enemies into a coffee vortex.

The closer the enemies are to the middle, the higher their DMG. The Glyph goes on for five seconds, delivering all lamentable adversaries immobilized. In addition, the Skill hushes them briefly dropping their dynamic Skills and keeping them from projecting another.

Best Latte Cookie Toppings Build

The Latte Cookie Kit is designed to maximize DPS output, making her a formidable DPS unit. As you want her to deal with as much damage as possible, the best topping for your Latte Cookie should be a full Searing Raspberry build.

If her Cooldown is too long, then you can substitute some Swift Chocolates for Searing Raspberries to speed up the process. Notwithstanding, remember that you want to prepare something like three Searing Raspberries to get the three-piece set reward.

Cookie Run

The kingdom is a fast-paced and strategic game of strategy, defense, and capture, where you take control of your cookie’s quest to become the reigning chocolatier. You can unlock a wide variety of characters and build your very own cookie factory.

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Characters List and Cookies Guide

When starting your Cookie Run, you’ll need to assemble a team of five characters (or cookies) to battle through the game. Each cookie has a role in the game and can be built by combining other cookies with their abilities.

That’s the best way to get in on our freebie offer for you to start building your party for our Kingdom of Cards promotion. We’ve designed it to work for parties of five with the front cookie going in the front row, the middle cookie going in the middle row, and the rear cookie going in the back row.

Cookies can serve as an important part of your website’s defense against cyber-attacks. A defensive cookie is a cookie that is used to identify and store information that helps prevent or recover from a specific attack. A damage-dealing cookie, on the other hand, identifies an attacker that’s already in your system and is designed to damage and destroy a specific site.

World Exploration

World Exploration is a game in which players take turns to explore and colonize new planets. The game includes six phases with some challenges along the way. The goals of each phase are to obtain as many treasures as possible, while also completing various tasks.

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Latte Cookie

Realm Arena

While the game mode is not overly difficult, it is certainly challenging. Players must be mindful of both sides – they need to keep the enemy on their toes while also being careful not to be a victim of the enemy themselves. Every match begins with a certain number of points being placed on the board. Whether you win or lose, if you want to win more Arena Medals, you’ll need to earn more Arena Points.

The present Bounties

The game is played from the perspective of a dog that has just met a cat. The object of the game is to guide the dog to collect items while avoiding getting caught by cats.

A level should start with an initial objective. It should be challenging enough that a player must overcome it to win the game, but not too difficult that it feels frustrating or like a chore.

Pinnacle of Sweet Chaos

Introduced in Version 1.4, the player needs to overcome advancing levels as they go. Every floor has different challenges which make it harder, such as involving a breaking point on many kinds of treats.

Star Jellies, Coins, and Chaos Cake pieces are all rewards that can be acquired in the game. They may seem rather minor, but they are a key part of making you more powerful. They will help your Jellies and Coins earn better and faster!

Tropical Soda Islands

The players are given a chance to earn Caramel Spyglass and Map Fragments by going to various locations on the map. While exploring, they will find treasure chests and islands with items inside. These items can be used in the game’s shops to power up power-up items.

In addition to Princess Cookie, Knight Cookie, and a bunch of new characters, this mode is a great deal of fun for kids and parents alike. It’s a fast-paced and high-energy adventure that brings a new world and brand to life!


It’s not every day that you find a game that’s so engaging and fun for kids. If you are an experienced player, you can easily play the game. But if you are a beginner, you can still enjoy the game by going through the tutorials. These are several helpful features that several helpful features will help you learn the game and have fun at the same time.


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