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In a Small town, several murders have been committed by Police Chief Jesse Stone movies in order. In Justice for Stone, he works to solve crimes that no one has ever been linked to Jesse. Currently addicted to alcohol He became sheriff in the local city because of the current mayor’s corrupt plans. Although he was lucky for the rest of his life But family quarrels changed his life. Stone of Justice: Death in Heaven: Police Chief Jesse Stone could not imagine that his entire life would one day return and affect life in the city. Jesse stone movies are in order. Found a model student not far from Lake City.

The death spread throughout the city and became one of the city’s most mysterious deaths. “Jesse Stone: Breakthrough“: Jesse Stone is still the chief of police. Just had an argument with his wife, who had been drinking for a while to solve the problem. In this case, it was the only way to fully absorb his work. Before Jesse had a woman contact him to help find a child.

Can the protagonist help a poor woman without the help of the site?

Stone Justice: No Regrets: Pause Jesse Stone raises the bottle again. Relying on close friends to help you investigate the disaster, Stone agrees, not even suspecting the mob boss’s involvement in “Jesse Stone: The Law of the Innocents.” Long-retired police officer Jesse.

Find Cindy on behalf of her daughter. Her old acquaintance began investigating the case. Many employees quit their jobs. “Jesse Stone, Secrets of Heaven,” heartbreaking police. Decided to stop depression and go back to work. Catching a dangerous killer is a great way to get rid of everyday problems. But it turns out that the story doesn’t end with an ordinary assassin with many secrets to discover. The main character of the film is Tom Selleck. He has unmatched charm.

The story is about the fate of Police Chief Jesse. Stone is a quiet town in the north of the United States. He has a duty to maintain order and behave like everyone else. An unexplained mysterious crime erupts. Murder may seem absurd. But Detective Stone sees it differently. The 16-year-old girl’s rape allegations confirmed her unexpected pessimism. Jesse Stone Movies All List Favorites Β»Jesse Stone Movies Movie Franchise.

Stone Justice (2005):

Jesse Stone is the Chief of Police in a comfortable city in the north of the United States. and is responsible for maintaining peace and order in the area. However, strange crimes The unexplained took place throughout society like a plague. Murder may seem absurd. But Detective Stone thinks it’s not the case. And a rape message was written by a 16-year-old girl who unexpectedly confirmed her vague prophecy.

Jesse Stone: Interview at Night (2006)

Police Chief Jesse Stone was forced to travel from Los Angeles to a city in Paradise province. Massachusetts due to alcohol problems. Here, let the detectives act as sheriffs and become preoccupied with barely pernicious local issues: petty theft and domestic violence.

Stone Justice: Death in Heaven (2006)

Jesse Stone, the Chief of Police in Hay County. Tasked with investigating the murder of a young girl who was found dead in the lake event? But instinct tells the detectives that not everything will be that simple. Why didn’t the parents complain to the police that their daughter was missing? After all, this had never happened to her before, and at school, the girl studied hard and made a good name for herself.

Jesse Stone: Mutation (2007)

Police Chief Jesse Stone is drunk again. His ex-wife is far from his life. The detective got this job. But the first case turned into a serious dispute with the municipality. Why hasn’t the murder of a cashier killed by a bank robbery been unsolved for so long? Who is behind this crime? Why are local governments dissatisfied with opinion polls?

Stones Justice: Shin Eyes (2009)

Police Chief Jesse Stone is asked to leave Paradise for a while. according to the order of the Department of Internal Investigation.What if you were asked to help find a missing child?

Stone decided to help the unhappy mother, although he violated the job description and openly disagreed with the department.

Stone Justice: No Regrets (2010)

Captain Healy at the Boston Police Department is helping Detective Jesse. Stone investigates a number of crimes he hopes will help his friends. His ability to cope with depression. Detectives soon discovered that the Boston Mafia was behind all the murders. And this time it looks like Jesse Stone must find his leadership.

Jesse Stone: The End of the Innocent (2011)

Jesse Stone movies in order were forced to retire. But the murder is still under investigation. A young woman’s body was found not far from the house where the detectives lived. Stone knows her well and even tries to help her. the official version of “Death as a result of an overdose” may make detectives look suspicious.

Jesse Stone: Lack of Evidence (2012)

Jesse Stone lost his job as Banisai Police Commissioner due to alcoholism. dream of returning to work, But he didn’t expect his vacation to come to an abrupt end: Jesse Stone’s successor was bombed in his car. And several police officers were in the department after the notorious murder.

Jessie Stone: The Mystery of Heaven (2015)

At the request of an old friend of the Boston Police Department, Jesse Stone takes over the Boston Ripper. The madman proudly confesses to the murder. But he stubbornly denied any of the wrongs, because “he did not want the dignity of others.”



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