TikTok cake topper

TikTok cake topper



If you want to make a TikTok cake topper birthday cake for your friend’s birthday, here’s how: Make a cake that’s about three-quarters of the size of a normal cake. Then, make the decorations out of icing. This way, when your friend cuts the cake, he or she will be able to see your artistic skills. If you don’t want to make a big mess, try decorating the cake first and then adding the icing. It will look like a picture!

TikTok Cake Topper

Step By Step Instructions to Make a TikTok Cake Topper Design

TikTok cake configurations aren’t just for fun – they’re an excellent way to create a birthday cake that can turn out to be a real treat! This plan comes with the added benefit of an extraordinary design that can’t help but spark compliments.

Janet wanted a birthday cake that would fit the theme of her daughter’s TikTok video. She wanted to see the TikTok Logo on top, so we incorporated the colors dark, light blue, pink, and white.

What should be possible early?

Cake decorating can get a bit time-consuming, especially when there are multiple steps to go through before a finished piece is ready for consumption. But is it worth the trouble? That decision depends on how important your cake is to you.

Canine-shaped cake toppers look adorable. They’re cute, but they don’t always work well with your design or the occasion. Level or non-skew cake toppers look great and are easy to customize. They’ll fit perfectly into your design and your event.

It might be better to not take any chances and make sure your cake is well-prepared. After all, what if the pre-slicing results in something messy, like the cake falling off the edges? It’s not like you have the time to bake another cake, and the first one is your special occasion.


TikTok Cake Topper

Association is vital

Choosing a theme for your TikTok cake topper can be a daunting task. You have to decide what your theme is, what colors you want to use, and what shape the design should be. The final piece of the puzzle is choosing a cake design to go with your chosen theme. For this, we will first choose the colors that you like best and then move on to the cake designs that work best with those colors.

Things required for the cake

The cake mixes and frosting in your kitchen contain many ingredients. Some are obvious (the cake mix), others less so. As you’re baking the cake, it’s easy to forget about those small things. The best way to deal with them is to get organized.

Other Tools Required for the Design of TikTok Cake Topper

  • Mats to cut and shape fondant
  • Moving pins (1 huge, 1 little)
  • Fondant spatulas/scrubbers
  • Little paintbrush
  • Consumable paste or water
  • Fondant/black, white, blue, and, pink
  • Corn starch for fondant (little sprinkle to control the “stick”)
  • Fondant strip shaper
  • Silicon letter shape or letter stamps (your decision)
  • Exacta blade
  • Star cutters/numerous sizes
  • Silver brilliance dust
  • A TikTok printout of the music image was measured to focus an 8″ round. size to your inclination relying upon how much space you want for the top plan. (Print out a couple of sizes and spot them over your cake dish to see what works for you, then, at that point, cut it out so you can use it as a layout over the fondant).
  • 1.5-2″ thicker style stove plate/skillet/holders to store level fondant pieces on material paper covered by firmly wrapped stick wrap.
  • Stick wrap
  • Material Paper
  • Discretionary: a limited quantity of heated-up vegetable shortening used to try to please dark fondant with a little paintbrush.

Fondant Preparation

For an easy fondant to be rolled, you need to prepare it well. Use an 8-inch pan to bake it so that it will roll easier and look pretty when it cools. Then you can cover it with clear plastic or wax wrap. Make sure that it’s not too sticky when you’re rolling.

TikTok Cake Topper with Logo

Step 1: Create a roll of fondant. You can either use a machine to do this for you or create your own using a pastry bag and plastic piping tip.

Step 2: Make a design of your choice. If you want to make a flower, you could simply cut circles out of the fondant and adhere them together.

Remove paper side edging, place over fondant, cut out edging, dip the paintbrush into water or paste (just the tip!!), then, at that point, stick the edges of the fondant to the image sides with the Exacta blade. Store in a hermetically sealed compartment (to be applied on a white base layer). Pre-cut stars (do extra and different sizes in each tone) and use letterforms to make the name letters, handle and store them as suggested.


The silicon letterform is a decorative art technique that is used to decorate lettering and signage by using a stencil, a squeegee, and, a blade. The silicon letters can be applied in various ways but they are typically painted on top of an existing letter, stenciled over a stencil, or placed into a frame. Try to clean the silicon form during different shadings and utilize different water-proof materials as a surface.

Prepared to Decorate

While making the vanilla buttercream, you want to plan to use it for the side of your cake. After making the first layer, you want to take a look at the final design before deciding how to proceed with piping the side.

One for the blue and one for the pink. You should pipe pushes rapidly. Where you halted and began the columns is one explicit region you can decisively put single stars or groups of stars.

Pipe the top line

A little preposterous edge of the cake. After eliminating from the material paper, tenderly lay/apply the white base to the highest point of the cake, next carry out dark fondant, cut a flimsy marginal 3/8″–1/2″ wide with the lace shaper, and fold the boundary over the edge of the white base.

If necessary – use a tiny brush to apply a very thin layer of glue or water. Wait until the image is dry. Then carefully use the little brush to place some lettering under it. Space the name properly underneath the image!

Icing is great for decorating cakes. It makes them look moister, and it makes them seem fancier. But what matters is how shiny they are. This step ensures that your frosted cake will shine!


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